Teeth Whitening


Effective whitening techniques are used to whiten and brighten dark or stained teeth by use of the latest bleaching agents.

Dental Implants


Dental Implants offer the closest possible match to your natural teeth and are an attractive alternative to ill-fitting dentures. Missing teeth can be replaced with implants consisting of titanium root structures upon which crowns, or even bridges, can be supported.

Future Vaneers


Future Veneers is one of the most requested smile makeover veneer treatments on the marketplace today.

The ultra-thin porcelain veneers need no preparation and can be placed over existing teeth without the need to remove any of the healthy tooth substance, unlike traditional veneers.



The latest in orthodontics allows the correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws. Gaps can be closed and teeth can be straightened and re-shaped to give a real boost both to your appearance and to your personal confidence.

General Dental Care


A full range of other treatments is also available. Damaged teeth can be covered with crowns, bridges or veneers to reproduce the form and colour of your natural teeth and all treatment is carried out in strictest confidence.



Nantwich Smile Design is one of thousands of dentists across the UK who recommend that you follow a programme of preventive care, using the skill of the practice team and the support of Denplan Care.


Preventive dentistry helps you improve your long-term oral health. Prevention means taking positive steps to help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease, rather than waiting for problems to occur. Through modern preventive care, it is normally possible to reverse the very early effects of tooth decay, thereby avoiding the need for a filling or something more.

This approach means, where possible, treatment is kept to a minimum and when treatment is required it will form part of your preventive care programme. We strive to ensure your personal preventive plan is given at the right time and that results will be long lasting.